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Digital Marketing in Atlanta

So when you think about Atlanta digital marketing, think about the landscape of the city of Atlanta. There are a lot of companies here:

  • Chick fil A
  • Home Depot
  • The Atlanta Braves, of course
  • Inspire Brands, who own Arby's, Dunkin, and lots of others companies
  • The film industry
  • Lots of other really notable big brands here in the city

So, when it comes to marketing in Atlanta, I think there's a lot to keep in mind. For example, you have the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. And this is one of the biggest international airport hubs. We have a very big international community here. Atlanta is consistently one of the top 10 biggest cities in the United States.

That being said, you've got diverse markets, with lots of people coming in from New York, Los Angeles, and up in the north. People coming down here for opportunity, especially since COVID with housing prices changing.
All that being said, you have a very, very interested in demographic here.
From where people come from, and what kind of businesses they work at.

So thinking about Atlanta marketing, there is a lot of opportunity.
One of the things that's cool is agency rates tend to be cheaper here than in New York or California, but you can target a lot of people that might be in similar kinds of markets.
So if you're doing any sort of local SEO or localized type of marketing, or targeted marketing for a demographic, Atlanta might be able to hit that same demographic that you would want to target in those bigger locations like New York or LA.

And I think that's part of the reason so many companies are here is because of
the affordability of it.

So all that being said, a good agency is going to take care of you, and know the culture of the people here today--there are lots of different nationalities and people groups--and be able to tie that to your business with digital marketing and SEO.


About Digital Marketing

Leveraging digital communication to connect with others and drive marketing forward.

There's the old saying, "sales cures all ills." and while we don't agree with that statement, we do see the validity of improving marketing to give the business more activity and room for improvement.

Digital Marketing Services

We have three main digital marketing offerings, they are:

  • Digital Real-estate
  • Attention
  • Identity

By Digital Real-Estate we mean a business' website and social platforms. Anything else like an app would also be included here. We architect, design and build websites from the ground up as well as add-on to existing properties.

Attention is all about connecting with others. In a digital marketing umbrella our services are SEO, social media marketing, and other types of digital marketing as needed.

Identity is the creation of a brand system. This simply put would be a logo, sales collateral, graphic design, etc.

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Local SEO for cities in metro Atlanta

We have local SEO capabilities for clients throughout north metro Atlanta and really anywhere else. We're just most familiar with this demographic. Here are some of the cities we have experience in targeting with local SEO and digital marketing campaigns:

  • Atlanta
  • Marietta
  • Kennesaw
  • Acworth
  • Cumming
  • Alpharetta
  • Milton
  • Johns Creek
  • Roswell
  • Sandy Springs
  • Duluth

We can target any locality for any business but we just have more experience with these locations in and around Atlanta.

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Atlanta Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

We offer all types of digital marketing services.

If you're looking for a local partner in Atlanta who can help with some heavy lifting or just supplementing your team, we're here.

However we aren't for everybody. If we think we aren't a good fit for your project, we will be the first to tell you.

We believe that partnership is key to successful relationships. It's about more than the technical work. It's about having a great relationship with your digital marketing team, and being on the same page about what really matters in your business. We call this alignment.

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