About and12

We are and12, a business roadmap company predicated on serving a greater good. We believe that business and marketing is fake without alignment towards purpose.

What We Do

Business roadmaps

Business Creation

Revenue Generation

Culture, Teams & People

Our Toolset & Skills: Frameworks for: business creation, marketing, sales, identity development, website creation, SEO, social media marketing, and more.

Our Story

and12 started in 2022. It came about as Fire & Hammer, the previously named marketing company, took a back seat as a holding company. Now Fire & Hammer holds Yes! Coffee., and12, Just Lawyers, and THE a.m. and12 serves as the strategic guide and marketing engine for these internal organizations as well as for external clients. and12 has assisted internal clients with its business roadmap offering, which means helping businesses get from A-Z, with building and architecting the businesses through systems development, offering creation, sales offerings, and more.

Some of our Wins

Revenue generation: Driving brand identity, marketing strategy, SEO and social media marketing execution, lead gen and sales for a client. This resulted in a 200% ROI.

Business automation: Partnering with a client to overcome inefficiencies related to their ecommerce fulfillment process. We were able to get 20 hours per week back for a key employee, which had a domino effect throughout their business. Now less time was spent in fulfillment so more time could be spent nurturing client relationships and acquiring new business.

Lead Generation: Utilizing our SEO toolset for a local service business to get a 30:1 ROI. We were able to get such great results because Google local search had a bug that negatively affected all local businesses in our client's niche. We were able to solve the puzzle and help our client be the only local business that overcame that issue. This caused windfall results. (30:1 ROI is amazing and not guaranteed, but just wanted to highlight this big win.)

And12 Culture

Values and Principles

People first

Serve never subservient

Create don’t compete

Complain up, never down


Direct communication

Our Promises

Be honest to ourselves and others.

Work as a team.

No politics. Politics means telling people what they want to hear to keep them happy.

Fail forward.

Think, try, fail, learn, grow, repeat.

Fly the plane.

What Partnership Looks Like

Being open to communication when there are problems or issues.

Keeping promises to ourselves and each other.

Moving forward toward our greater good.

Having buy-in. You believe in the work and have the buy-in to communicate.

No politics.

Love yourself and love others.

Respect yourself and respect others.

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Purpose of Our Content

To open a door for the journey in business and life. Think Different | Reflect | Improve | Grow |Move Forward

To Build and Create.